Innovative. Cost-effective. Flexible. Agile.
Expandable. Contractible. Disposable.


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In most ways, a ManagedLease® is everything traditional leases are not.
Until now, business people were stuck in office leases that in all reality, did not make good business sense. Checkout for more details.

No Commitment

Why lock yourself into a 3 or 5 or 10 year “fixed” commitment representing 25-50% of your business expenses when you know your business will change (up, down, or out) over the term—possibly overnight?

Low Costs

Why pay for $10,000s or $100,000s of tenant improvements you ultimately give to the landlord? Or 20%-60% more per month for your office space than you need to.

Complete Flexibilty

Why sign a lease that doesn’t allows you to grow, contract, or dispose of your space in near real time to staff headcount or other business factors?



Until now, companies were stuck signing office leases that in all reality, made horrible business sense.
For one thing, business climates can change fast, sometimes overnight. So why would you ever commit yourself to a “fixed box” for a many years knowing your business needs will change over time? The moment the ink dries on a traditional l ease, you’ve made a big mistake as your office will either be too small, too big or completely unnecessary over the years to come. And why agree to sink thousands of your own dollars into technology and “tenant improvements” knowing you will never see that money again? And why are traditional leases dozens of pages long and chock full of complicated language? Is it for your protection, or to make you liable, responsible exposed for everything, safeguarding the building owner from loss or obligation?
Essentially, a ManagedLease® is everything traditional leases are not— not expensive, not high-maintenance, not high-liability, not inflexible:
Save 20-60% month-on-month compared to traditional office leases and enjoy brand new, custom build-out space with $0 CAPEX.
Turn-key in every way, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, including furniture, fixtures, business equipment, connectivity, and more.
Save 100s of hours searching, sourcing, and managing your facilities.
Elasticity! Scale your office up, down or out any on-demand during term in real-time with changes in headcount.
Fewer lease-holder liabilities and responsibilities compared to traditional office leases. Nice!
An outsourced corporate real estate solution that is smarter, better, cheaper and more elastic than other leased office solution.
ManagedLease® truly is the smartest way to lease any office anywhere, and we’re passionate about making that promise a reality to your business. So whether it’s a small office for just a few, or a full floors for hundreds, explore just how smart a ManagedLease® is compared to any other office lease available. Click the Get it NOW! button below for an instant quote and proposal. Or call 844-NEW-OFFICE(844-639-6334) for more information and to discuss your office requirements.