The Smartest Way to Lease any Office Anywhere

Why sign and hold an office lease directly if you can partner with someone else to assume that liability for you? And what if doing so would also reduce your office and facility costs by 20%-60%, eliminate CAPEX, and enable on-demand expansion, contraction, or termination of your leased office space? You’d never sign a traditional lease again, would you?

Discover for yourself why ManagedLease® truly is the smartest way to lease any office worldwide. Complete the Get it NOW! form below for an and proposal or call 844-NEW-OFFICE (844-639-6334) or for more information. With ManagedLease®, you save a lot of time, money, and avoid getting “stuck” with traditional lease liabilities and expenses.

You are just seconds away from discovering the price, savings, and benefits of your ManagedLease®! Complete the info below to get an instant quote and proposal now.

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Your ManagedLease® will be delivered to your specification in no time!
Your ManagedLease® will deliver immediately if an existing property is available, or within 60-150 days if a new property is sourced for your requirement. Either way, you’ll be enjoying the smartest way to lease any office anywhere!



You are the most important and driving force behind ManagedLease®. Without you, we have nothing to offer and nothing to do. So understand that we will always keep your best interest at heart as together, we work to deliver the smartest office solution for your business. Call 844-638-6334 to discuss your needs and receive ManagedLeases® for your consideration.

Corporate Real Estate

For you, ManagedLease® is “Corporate Real Estate Utopia!” as you can now care-less whether business units grow, contract, or dissolve. In any case, your ManagedLease® can right-size or dispose pretty much on-demand. Plus, you’ll save 20-60% month-on-month compared to direct leases AND your CAPEX will be $0 for every new deal, so no more flushing cash down the drain unnecessarily.

Building Owners

If what you really want are more and more long-term, full floor tenants, then you’ve found a great partner with ManagedLease®. Contact us to further explore the high occupancy impact of ManagedLease® for your properties.


If it’s true that 80% of all office leases worldwide would be a ManagedLease® if only the tenant had the option to choose a ManagedLease®, that would put an annual sales value of $1.6 trillion on the ManagedLease® sector of corporate real estate. Currently, that sector (Serviced Offices), is running $24 billion in annual sales and growing at 25%-30% per year. If you believe there seems to be a remarkable business opportunity here, we agree! Contact us to discover the remarkable upside of ManagedLease® for you.

Service Office Operators

You already know the value of a ManagedLease® since your business thrives on solutions less than 1500 SF (equivalent) in size. But what if you could secure larger, longer term tenants to profitably anchor and stabilize 5% to 50% of your facilities? You’d launch new facilities “fuller faster” while maintaining higher occupancy in existing units. Nothing wrong with that! Contact us now to further explore your opportunities with ManagedLease®.


If you’re committed to finding the smartest leased office solution for your clients, then you’ve found a great partner with ManagedLease®. Contact us for details.